Generation XXX

Metallic Hardcore from Finland (2005-2008)



Victims? Accused? mcd (Pekka Productions, 2007) [info]
Intro (born to die, die to be born) / Which side of the mirror? 4:22
Poison 2:23
Sheep among the wolves 2:17
Neverland 2:22

V/A Metallirovio – Ensimmäinen kiusaus -compilation (2008)


18.4.2008 Harjun NuTa ,Helsinki
9.8.2008 TVO, Turku
12.12.2008 Torvi, Lahti


Taidepanimo Lahti, in June 2007

Pekka & The Other Losers

About band (2001-2008)

In this biography everything is write wrong, so this is our biohazard: This scumband was formed autumn 2001 in Lahti ”The Business City”, Finland (home of bands like Morning After, 7th Legion and the infamous Chambers hardcore magazine). P&TOL started out as a full time joke band, where practically no one could play their instruments. Later we noticed we could actually do something, so we added more serious aspects to our lyrics and ”matured” a little bit. But still our main goal is to have a good time and make fun of everyone and everything. Influences? I don’t know. I think we try to mix every style that we listen. Today raw hardcore, tomorrow melodic streetpunk, the day after who knows. We have no borders, we’re just playing music that sounds and feels good. No old school, no new school, this is Low School!!

Finally we hit the studio February 2003 and recorded these four magnificent punkrock/whatever songs. In chrismas 2003, 2004 and 2008 we make finnish history, cuz we make two fabulous chrismas release.

In year 2005 we recorded two song to Hometown Pride hardcore/punk-compilation. After that we got so much money, that we quit make our job.
What about in future? We don’t know. We are forever alive between 2001 and hell.

Band is also in Wikipedia!

Haastattelut (.doc, suomi)
– Noise-lehti 2006 (Pekka Productions)
– Bändiprofiili / Chambers Magazine 2003 (Pekka & The Other Losers)


FINAL SHOW EVER! 7 Jan 2004 at Torvi, Lahti CHAMBERS CLUB with Smalltown (swe), Wasted, Union District
Torvi tour contunes… 19 Dec 2003 at Torvi, Lahti with Evilsons, Rejected, Homefront
Comeback, AGAIN?!! 18 Nov 2003 at Torvi, Lahti with Misconduct (swe), Painfield (swe), Evilsons
World tour continues! 19 Jul 2003 at Factory, Helsinki with Deaf Penalty, Evilsons & Devil Maniacs
Comeback gig! 26 Mar. 2003 at Semifinal, Helsinki with Bolt, Field Of Castro
First & last show ever!! 26 Oct. 2002 at Bar Torvi, Lahti with Evilsons, Carpe Diem and Worth The Pain


Joulusinkku3_kansi“Joulusinkku – volume 3” cd-r (2008)
1. No onkos ollut töitä? | listen
2. Viimeinen joulu | listen




HTP_etukansiV/A “Hometown pride” -compilation cd (2006)
5. Rock’n’roll idiots | listen
6. Identity | listen

> Hometown Pride



dis_sinkku2“Joulusinkku2: Tonttu voi tulla ikkunan taa!” cd-r (2004)
1. Joulukirkkoon | listen
2. Joulupukki matkaan jo käy | listen
3. Densojen jouluyö | listen



dis_sinkku“Joulusinkku: Jouluna sika on yksin!” cd-r (2003)
1. Kulkuset, kulkuset | listen
2. Sika | listen




kansi1“Never Mind The Pekka, Here’s The Other Losers” demo cd-r (2003)
1. Johnny Was A Punkrock Kid | listen
2. Born To Booze | listen
3. Need For Speed | listen
4. Teenage Dirtbags (feat. Turo 666) | listen

Arvostelut (.doc, suomi / englanti)