Muita kirjoituksia


Talon mies

Olisinko komea tuuliviiri katolla
näyttäisin maailmalle millainen olen
mutta katkeaisin tuulen riepotuksessa

Olisinko läpäisevä savupiippu
taivaalle kuljettaisin sankan savun
mutta itse tukehtuisin

Olisinko harmaa perustus
näkymättömissä maan alla
tekisin vain sen mitä vaadittaisiin
kantaisin kaiken


miehet työssä raskaan
rautaa, puuta kantaen
poissa ne päivät
alla kiskot vahvat
kulku tasaista
ei kauaa kestäkään
rauta hitaasti murtuen
murtuu matka tasainen
väistämätön suistuminen
isketään puuhun
naulat viimeiset


Tunteet ovat uskontomme
Samaistumme tunteisiimme
Tunteet ova ”minä”
Tunteet ovat pyhin
Pyhää ei saa loukata

Myötätunnon ulkoinen korvike
Egoismin tuottama sentimentalismi
Syntyen vain olosuhteissa
Jota luulemme pysyväksi
Aito myötätunto näyttäytyy ilman kiiltäviä kuoria
Ajottomana joka hetkessä


Toinen haluaa takaisin
Toinen haluaa pois
jotta voi kertoa olevansa sieltä

Tylyt ja harmaat, kylmää betonia
Ihmiset vai rakennukset?
kuoret vai ydin?

Paloi pois, syntyi tuhkasta
Kaupunki, jossa ei tapahdu mitään
antaen kaiken

Runot on julkaistu Kokoelma-kirjassa ja lisäksi muita runoja Kokoelma II:ssa


Julkaistu 10/2008
Punkzine suomeksi, A5, sivuja 12.

Lataa Ähky (pdf-muodossa) tai lue alta.


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Varoitus: blogit sisältävät epäsopivaa kieltä (ei kuitenkaan ruotsia).

Thursday, November 27, 2006
Pekka’s Blog VIIII – Animal politics

Hi, it’s fart away than I wrote last time in this blog. Time going fast and we getter older. It’s sad true, if you don’t know. I know. I have many years experiensed getting older. When we come older, we come smarter. And this is again my own experiense. Off course! So I have to write more politics, cuz we’re thingking people.

What is this day subject? It’s import, it’s important. In these days in EU our comissar Ollisabeth Rehn talk lot of turkey. First we have mad cow case and now turkey. Is turkey come to Europe and what then happened? If you turkey come, we must decline thanksgiving at that day we it come. I remember that is USA thing, and turkey and USA is allies. If turkey don’t come, cuz USA says so, are they allies (Ellun) chickens (kanat)?? Maybe news channel Fox told us newsduck, that EU’s big army drop down USA & turkey’s airforces, called chicken wings. It’s help to believe that Fox told lies about chickens. We have keep sense in these mad days.

Can I write this, can I? I don’t know english words and terms, so I have to write politically incorrect.

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Pekka’s Blog VIII – Politics

I’am interesting about politics cuz I’am totally insane! Pressguy: ”Pekka, what you will do in future?” Me: ”I’am trying go our countrys frontcommunehouse.” Pressguy: ”You’re totally insane!!!” So you have to believe!! I think that doing politics are most exiting thing in life. I’m gonna shave rainforrest!! Or is it save..? Anyway, I have very sharp moral, in my pocket and ”stabbed” all anti-moralist persons. We must do some to our world! Now!

Politicians have no boring days. Always happened something: riots, wars, people starving and stuff like that. Political party’s are good way to do some good for to the world and people also. There’s very good party’s where’s politicians are drunk, smoke weed and give some suprices for hokers.

When I will come politician, I got lot of power. That’s will exciting me. Then I got attention to my parents and they will never forgot me. People know who I’am and they will be respect me, cuz they just know me. I’am like father, who leading our world right direction. Like my father do. God.

Ok. That’s all folks. Remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Pekka’s Blog VII – Help!

Bicycle was stolen yesterday! Green landwheel, twentyone gears, great bicycle anyway. No tarakka (that’s not japan, i don’t know what’s that in english). Made in usa, good health of that cycle. No signs of crashs.

So, I need help! Who wanna buy that bicycle? I don’t wanna keep it.

Saturday, October 21, 2006
Pekka’s Blog VI – I looove music! part 2

It’s time for big words!! Yes! Not fat words, cuz I don’t like fat things…

Ok, I write music again because music is so IMPORT part of my life. Other reason is why I write more music, is good feedback from my friends. I love all my friends! You’re making my life better! Lots of hugging and kissing!!!

Maybe you all ready knew, I write recordcritics on one musicmagazine. Ok, now you thinking: ”Oh my god! What he can do!?? He write blogs AND critics!!” Yes, I’am like a writewizard who pick up all kind things of my musichat.

In this blog I wanna analysys two records. As you know I listen all kind music. So here we go!

”Johnny Wanker – rock’n’roll night”
How childist name of this guy. I think he’s almost 13 years old?? No, he’s 38. And I hate he’s hat allready. Not my style. And what about music? Nothing new! Why there are ”musicans” wanna do music, if they don’t create something new? Wasted of time. If these kind musicians hitchike to power, our music is same year by year. It will be boring and dangerous. What about music? I don’t like he’s guitar.

”Phidalphia – Sounds of hallway”
Great album of this genious! Johnny Martyr is leading musicians, who make music of full of hearts. He use stairs of doing his music. That’s new!!! He’s genious! Examble track number four ”My head is sensitive like a broken window, but dirty like windown in trashcompany” is genious! He could touch us, but we could’nt thouch him. He’s GREAT!!

As you see, my critics is not that good… hehehe… joke… Write your own critics!!!! You don’t understand! I’am philosofik and insane pop-musiccritics, who want go deep indeside of music and find some ”new” thoughts. Or I’am just asshole.

So remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Thursday, August 31, 2006
Pekka’s Blog V – I looove music!!

Hi folks!!! (not that music style! Hahhaahahha!)

Do you know that I love music! It’s way of life. I know lot of music and bands. Once (or twice hahaah!) I chat music with my friends. They didn’t who was guitarist/songwriter John Grugers band late of -80 in South Africa. Or what records was Japan’s indie rock top-3 charts 15.11.1991? And do know how drummer like to eat zalmiac in bandbus? You don’t. I know!!!

It’s very import know all kind music and band stuff, cuz people respect that. When I visit my grandmother, we talk music. Or actually I told her history of Sleeper Sleepers. I think her was interesting. Or she sleep in sleepers (=bed).

Anyway, here list musicstyles what I listen:

It’s loooong list, but that’s prove that I know lot of about music. At the moment I write historybook of music. There will be all bands and players. Book’s cover picture is my face. Here list of bookpages:

It will be interesting book, like my blogs.

So remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Pekka’s Blog IV – My job

Hello again my friends and stuff like that! Today I will told you my job. I’m very hardworking man. I wake up every morning because I read bible. That’s MY job, so it isn’t Job’s postjob… Hahahaha! Spiritially is very import thing in my life. I wanna be some guru, who teach young students. In college, without pants. I write lot of good stuff and I think I will released book someday.
So here’s my first poetry. Please don’t laugh to me cuz, I’m very sensitive guy and I have pyjama.

I don’t mind, cuz I have not mind
I’am like a rock, like stopped clock
Stand like old tree, my birthday, I’m three
Bird make hole my heart
Bird making two eggs
Run, run with my leggs
Can’t hide, cuz killed by hitchhike

What you gonna say!?!? I think great lyrics!

Remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Friday, August 11, 2006
Pekka’s Blog III – I’m totally INSANE!!

You don’t believe this!! One night, when I was going sleep, I see myself on the mirror. I wonder how insane guy I’am? I don’t think long time about that, cuz I know that I have so many crazy stories. Examble this one: One day, in winter, I go sleep with fur?!?  ”What he doing???” I see in my eyes big headlines all over the world: ”Guy in Finland going sleep with fur!??! Totally crazy motherf*cker! Is he ezkimo? No, he’s just mental!!”

Look my MySpace’s (myspaces is best place in the world) pictures!! How many people are so crazy that wear funny stuff. No many! But I’m just being myself. I can’t do anything with myself. If you meet me, be careful, you don’t know how insane I’am.

So if you don’t heard of me anymore, wait minute and I ring your doorbell! Huh! Watch out!

Remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Pekka’s Blog II – Hello people!
Hi! I’am Pekka!
Hello people!

I’m here, cuz I wanna do new identity of myself. Better one. It is very is easy. You dont’ know me and thats important, when I create metafiction connection between me and other losers in the internet. In internet people will come better. I’am better. Because I’am against all bad things. Here’s list of bad things:
Dead animals
Incorrect jokes
And I hate trends. Old trends. Today I look very cool, tomorrow I look like a clown.

But I likes very many things. Here’s list of good things:
Nature – In nature we got commercial, cool clothes and stuff
Good food – I like eat chocolate in my bed. Ooohh… how sensitive I’am…

And I’am very smart too. Here’s list books what I read lately:
Against War
Against Rasicm
Against Sexism
Against Pollution
Against Dead animals
Against Incorrect jokes

I like music. Here’s list records what I listen lately:
Music Against War
Music Against Rasicm
Music Against Sexism
Music Against Pollution
Music Against Dead animals
Music Against Incorrect jokes

Ok. That’s all folks. Remember! More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Pekka’s Blog I – My first time…

When I was four years old boy, I saw in the clock first time. It was eight or something like that. The clock was my grandfather and it was pocketclock. My grandfather. He living is village called Pocket, he was a midget and he doing clocks. So his nickname was a pocketclock. Some logic, which I like.

More most INTERESTING BLOGS coming soon, stay toon! Ooh. How poetring… now I cry… bye bye…